Why are Football Clubs good for local advertising?

Football fans are a wildly diverse bunch. There are very few aspects of modern day life where people of different backgrounds, class, age, race & even political views can find common ground and feel part of a community because of their love for a club. This diversity enables a wealth of targeting opportunities for a huge variety of businesses.

Clubs see hundreds of thousands of fans pass through their turnstiles annually, giving advertisers a broad reach within a unique environment. Football advertising within stadiums reaches fans in their free time at the weekends. This naturally generates longer dwell times than typical OOH advertising, with the average fan spending a leisurely two and a half hours within the stadium on match days.

Placing ads within the local football club gives businesses a link to the club. Fans understand the benefits of football advertising and the support that this provides to their club. In short, association with a club gives businesses a positive affiliation from a fan perspective.

With a number of different advertising formats available advertisers can stick to a single format or create a full user experience, speaking to fans as they enter the stadium, when they are having a drink, when they are watching the pre game coverage on FanTV (available at selected clubs only) and even when they visit the Gents!

What better way to connect a local business to the local community than to strategically place your company’s ad within the local football club?