By Danielle Hill – Agency Sales Manager

“Hello there. Hope you’re well. I wanted to get in touch with you about our offering at Stadia Solutions….”

It’s at this point many Agency people switch off. Stadia? Football? “I don’t like football.” “Our brand has nothing to do with football.” Delete. We’ve lost them.

Whilst we know that yes, our formats are within a football environment and yes, these people we’re reaching are likely to be football fanatics, it’s important to acknowledge that they are so many other things too. And really, we could probably make a case to link our audience with the majority of categories and brands out there. Let’s give it a go…

Dad’s with Lads

A lot of them are Dads so they buy things for their kids. Toy companies, gaming, trainers, DVDs, concert tickets, theatre shows, tech, fashion. What doesn’t a kid want these days. We can specifically use our family stands and zones within our grounds to promote these brands.

Their weekends are dominated by the football season for 38 weeks of the season but there’s a small matter of keeping occupied for the other 14 weeks. They’re clearly happy to spend money on their hobbies, given the price of going to football these days, so we should be helping them ease the pain of the football season ending and giving them inspiration of how they can fill their free time. Travel companies, flight operators, festivals, other sporting events, cinema releases.

football concourse digital advertising


Being a Football Fan isn’t Cheap

Some have the assumption that football fans are all down-market C2DE white van men. Some are. But going to football each week definitely makes your wallet lighter. If an average ticket across leagues is c.£30, you add travel, a beer before the game and at half time and maybe some sort of pastry-based snack – you’re easily looking at £50 a match. So why shouldn’t more upmarket car, watch and fashion brands be using our formats? To make it even more targeted, we can position these more upmarket brands within the West stands which are the most expensive seats in the house.

Lads, Lads, Lads!

Going to football is when men tend to become one of the lads. They have a pint (or three), they sing (or try) and they get wrapped up in the euphoria of goal celebrations (or cry at the opposite). However, despite the laddish nature of football it’s also a really good time to talk to them about serious subjects when we catch them on their own. What better way to talk to them about specific health checks, charities, asking for help when they’re standing at the urinal in the washroom. When they can take in this information without judgement from anybody else.

Finally, and this one might require a bit more convincing; these men will be in relationships – so actually we can argue that we should be featuring some of the more female brands. Perfumes, flowers, experiences, card companies.

Sunderland football advertising

I’m not in any way saying that we should feature on every schedule – but what I am saying is that we certainly go deeper than just talking to brands who have a direct link to football. If you’re a brand who wants to talk to men, in any way, shape or form, we have a lot of men and once they’re locked in our venues for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon with their mates, we have an exclusive platform in which we can talk to them.

For more information on how to advertise at our football clubs drop me a note on or call 0207 100 4545