By Matthew Court – Head of Advertising Sales

Divide and conquer – segmenting the football fan audience

We like to think that we have a decent offering: a tightly defined audience of mainly men, mostly urban dwellers and definitely interested in the environment they see our posters and screens in. But we’re always thinking hard to come up with new reasons to use us to put in front of advertisers who haven’t quite taken the plunge yet.

And while we’re a firm that likes to keep things as simple as possible (and we really like how we’re able to summarise our audience like we have above), in truth our audience is a little more nuanced than that.

So one of the things we’ve been looking over recent months is how different parts of each ground attract a slightly different type of fan, and if they are replicated across our 40-odd clubs.

Some of you would have already heard us talking about how you can target “Dad & a lad” through just using our poster sites within the family stands & areas and experiential areas within fanzones, and we’ve now worked out a few other simple ways to tighten up our audience if that’s what you need. On this post we’re going to focus on one in particular…

The prawn sandwich brigade

Do you remember when Roy Keane went on one of his many rants after Man Utd played poorly one game? He was banging on about something about people eating prawn sandwiches in the posh seats. I quite like prawn sandwiches so was a little offended at the time, but he kind of had a point. I think.

But whatever, our point is that (much like we know which of our posters are placed in family areas thus giving you the chance to target families as a unit), we know which of our panels are placed around the more expensively priced tickets on the wings of the pitch and around the halfway lines where they get really pricey.

And (of course) we can do the complete opposite and keep your brand away from such areas.

So if you want a more affluent male audience than our average 60% ABC1 make-up, give us a shout. We think these areas would work especially well for investments & financial products, advertising aimed at business owners, cars and holiday advertising. We estimate around 35% of our 400k fans a week fit this bill, so we’re not talking about a small percentage, we’re talking about director level affluent football fans in the local area.

If you would like to hear more about how Stadia Solutions’ football ground concourse posters and screens can work for your brand please feel free to give us a call on 020 7100 4545 or drop a line to or