Stadia Solutions weekly report 23rd September 2018

So this week saw our biggest audience of the season so far with a whopping 451,681 faithful fans coming through our turnstiles to see our fantastic advertisers’ advertising on our awesome posters and screens. Ok, well they probably went to watch a game of football instead, but they still would have seen our advertisers’ advertising.

Why such a big number compared to our weekly average of 300k? Well quite a few of our larger Championship clubs had two home games, and while Celtic were away in the league, they had a home tie in the Europe League.

Anyway, it all combined to deliver our biggest set of numbers so far this season.

Top fives venues this week (some clubs would have had two games):
1. Stoke City – 47,751
2. Sheffield United – 47,382
3. Celtic – 47,287
4. West Brom – 45,614
5. Cardiff City – 32,321