Stadia Solutions weekend report 6th August 2018

This week sees the start of the EFL and SPL seasons and the last pre-season friendlies from our Premier League clubs, and it delivered a great start to the season for our advertisers across the 22 of our clubs that were in action.

In total we had 322,702 fans come through our collective turnstiles this week, which is a very strong weekend for us, but the best bit was that over 75,000 of these fans were at friendlies at five of our EPL clubs (Crystal Palace, Cardiff City, Southampton, Watford and Wolves, and one Europe League match (Aberdeen at Burnley).

Why is this the best bit for our season-long advertisers? Because they didn’t pay for it. Because we cannot guarantee how many there will be we never charge season-long advertisers for cup games and friendlies, so yes it’s a great start to the season for our customers at those grounds.

In total we achieved average attendance of nearly 15,000 per match.

Next weekend sees the start of the EPL so expect these numbers to go even higher.

Our match of the week: It has to be Burnley’s progression to the Europa League play-off round thanks to them getting past Aberdeen.

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Celtic v. Livingstone (58,778)
2. Sunderland v. Charlton (31,079)
3. West Brom v. Bolton (25,901)
4. Sheffield United v. Swansea (24,654)
5. Wolves v. Villareal (19,062)