Stadia Solutions weekend report 26th August 2018

Absolute scenes!!

Well not really, but we did have a very good week in terms of numbers, over delivering some 50k against what we expected.

This week saw GW3 of the EPL and (again) many EFL clubs in both league and league cup action.

All in all we delivered a stunning 375,969 people across the week. A superb set of numbers that make for very good reading if you were advertising at one of our clubs this week, as you got all those extra eyes for free!!

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Celtic – 56,044
2. Norwich – 50,880*
3. Stoke City – 46,469*
4. Wolves – 31,322
5. Southampton – 29,925

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.