Stadia Solutions weekend report 16th September 2018

This week saw the return of the Premier League and Championship after the international break, but mainly thanks to Southampton not playing until tonight, we saw a slightly under average total of 173,075 people coming through our turnstiles.

But that’s still pretty big when you think about how else you can buy a similar sized audience (with the engagement we have), and more importantly how much more expensive it is to buy that audience. And is that other audience as targeted as ours with as little wastage?

Anyway, here is our top five for the week of 9th to 16th September 2018…

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Wolves – 30,406
2. Norwich City – 24,462
3. Watford – 20,537
4. Blackburn Rovers – 15,82
5. Bolton Wanderers – 13,581

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.