By Patrick McCreanor – Client Partnership Manager 

Football was always my first love, I played as soon as I could walk like all boys in the area of London that I grew up in but after my hopes of a professional footballing career ended early, I had to tap into my other areas of expertise.

I have always been told I am, what some would call, talkative…but for the purposes of this blog, let’s call it having the ability to hold a conversation well. So, a career in the commercial world, from publishing, to TV and events seemed the natural path to take.

The opportunity to combine the two main passions that I have in life and become part of the Stadia Solutions commercial team is a dream move for me, to coin a popular football transfer phrase. Unsurprisingly it has been a whirlwind 6 weeks since starting in March this year as Client Partnership Manager.

First Impressions

Getting to understand the varying impact of our products, different to anything I have made available to potential clients before, has been exciting; the 40-60 second dwell time on our washroom posters that keep a football fans attention undivided at a private time, the brand impact of giant screen advertising at some of the leading football clubs in the UK, the technology and reach within our FANTV networks and the fantastic brand impact for our clients in reaching over 14 million football fans per season using multi-faceted campaigns at football grounds from Celtic to Southampton.

I have, whilst developing on my existing sports network of contacts and speaking to existing clients, also learned about the plans of a number of the leading brands in the country who target our exclusive audience of loyal football fans, a group of people that are so brand loyal that they are TWICE as likely to buy a product or use a service that supports his or her football club, which is quite amazing.

It feels strange that we are planning for next season now, at a time when the rest of the country (myself as a Liverpool fan included!) are focused on the title races, promotion pushes and relegation battles, but the great thing about that is, for Stadia Solutions and our valued clients, the football season never ends!

It’s great to have gotten involved at a time when we are adding to the amount of clubs we’re working with (over 40 now), adding to our value proposition getting involved in Fan Engagement days and increasing our use of technology in football, where applicable we can take control of a football clubs Wi-Fi, as we did for Mr. Green at Celtic, which saw over 28,000 redirects to their app, showing that football fans are at their most responsive when at their second home, which is of course our strongest selling point, as it’s simply #Wherebrandsmeetfans

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