By Matthew Court, Head of Advertising Sales at Stadia Solutions

Yes, “get the dwell out of here” is what I hear a lot* when I start talking about dwell time with clients and agency partners. Some say I am a bit like a bat out of dwell**. Most say shut the dwell/hell up***.

But I will keep talking about the power of dwell time until dwell freezes over. By now I think you can guess what this post is about – dwell time.

Over our next couple of blogs we will be giving you a handy guide to dwell time in Out of Home advertising.

But what is dwell time?

There are varying definitions of what dwell time is. I had never heard of it until I moved in to outdoor advertising, but I suppose a similar thing in print (where I had worked up until then) would be the metric of ‘time spent on an average page’ which we used to talk about a bit in Mags back in the day.

It’s a big thing online with dwell time meaning the amount of time spent between a user clicking a search engine result and then going back to the list of results (the time in between, on your website = your dwell time), but in Out Of Home it’s slightly different…

Dwell time in Out Of Home is all about the time spent within eyeshot of an ad-site, and boy do we have it by the bucket load!

But before we go on it could be worth you having a think about all the different things that you can buy in OOH and think about their dwell times. Some are better than others, aren’t they? For sake of impartiality, dwell isn’t what you buy all formats for is it? But usually it helps people understand and absorb a message that you’re trying to get across and if it’s important to you and your campaign then we could deliver a lot of added dwell value.

Why? Because we have four different formats which are seen when people are hanging around:
1) The majority of our 6 Sheets are in communal areas of the concourses
2) TVs in the same sorts of places
3) Giant Screens seen by people sitting down getting ready to watch the game
4) A3s above the urinals and sinks in washrooms

In fact, when we are installing new frames, we’re helped by stadium managers specifically asking us to place our posters and screens in areas where they want people to hang around. As you would expect, this helps with our dwell times.

Why is dwell time good?

So why is dwell time good? Simply put, sites with a high dwell times, such as large format screens in big train stations, train and tube panels, screens in doctors waiting rooms & post offices (and of course posters and screens in football grounds) give advertisers more of a chance to get their message across to the audience hanging around in that area. Generally speaking, the higher the dwell time, the better.
Of course dwell time isn’t the only metric that you should be buying space against, there are plenty of great OOH sites that don’t offer much dwell time but instead provide huge numbers, but we focus on this dwell time as it’s such a strong card for us.

To be continued…

Tomorrow, we’ll be focusing on why our dwell times are so good and what that can mean for advertisers. Stay tuned..


* I have literally never heard this

** some = none

*** yes I actually found a website that had phrases including the word hell and substituted hell for dwell – genius!!