Do you know what’s in your locker?

By Richard Peters, Co-CEO, Stadia Solutions

If you’re a smaller football club, you may be wondering how to make the most of your assets to generate revenue. Football clubs – whatever the size – have a bewildering amount of assets to sell, and maximising them is tricky. A fair market rate for every sponsorable asset is the only way to maximise return – too cheap and you sell out, too much and you have unsold inventory losing value as every game passes. The truth is, there are more opportunities than many realise.

In sponsorship, like any marketing and advertising, all parties need to feel that they have got what they have paid for, at a fair price, and that the investment has given them a return. The ROI part often has a lot to do with the sponsor’s product, and is a little out of the club’s control. However, proving delivery and a fair market rate for the assets most certainly is in the club’s control and that’s where we can help.

The first step is to accurately evaluate what assets you have, and to gauge their market value (i.e. what they should cost your clients). This is not a question of a simple research report though. We take the best tools in the market, add in market rate data, and with decades of experience, build a media value report to give you and your sponsors comfort.

Our Insight Team starts with the basics, stripping down the whole estate to the constituent parts and placing a media value on each element. This is not about which clubs are charging what, but assessing how much that asset is commonly being traded for in the UK now, whether in sport or not. The more competitive your pricing, the more business you will win. We provide the club with a full audit, not just the obvious sponsor assets, but also the less obvious, such as social media.

This detailed inventory report gives the club the necessary information to work with their potential commercial partners to build bespoke packages that suit everyone. As well as valuing existing assets, this also allows clubs to place a value on their unsold inventory and on new or planned assets (for example WiFi) , opening up new avenues for commercial return.

We can also continuously track inventory, so this process is ‘always on’. We believe this is vital for all parties to be sure they are getting value throughout the contract. Brands are used to deploying advertising budgets with planning and commitment cycles that last months, not the years that rights holders crave. Building partnerships this way allows you and your partners to reconfigure rights throughout the term to suit. Your partners’ business objectives will undoubtedly change in the coming years. If you allow the rights to change with them, they will be more likely to commit long term, and stay.
In many ways, this approach makes the negotiation process easier, as the club understands the value they need to achieve while the sponsor can gain comfort that they are paying a fair price for all the elements of their partnership.

Of course, clubs can do this themselves, but commercial teams can often be dragged in different directions. Outsourcing for specialist advice can ensure an evaluation project is given full attention and resource, gives an independent viewpoint for your partners, and maximises returns on previously under-estimated assets.

Stadia Solutions weekly report 30th September 2018

This week saw many of our larger clubs playing away from home, but we still provided our advertisers with a whopping 263,525 fans across the week’s fixtures.

Some of these fixtures were cup games, which you may recall are added to advertisers’ packages for free (we only guarantee league games so everything else is added bonus).

All in, so far our average weekly audience this season is just over 304,000, so this week is a smidge lower than average, but we expect a bumper week next week.

Top fives venues this week (some clubs would have had two games):
1. Celtic – 59,143
2. Wolves – 52,709
3. Cardiff City – 30,411
4. Norwich – 25,034
5. Blackburn Rovers – 14,440

Stadia Solutions weekly report 23rd September 2018

So this week saw our biggest audience of the season so far with a whopping 451,681 faithful fans coming through our turnstiles to see our fantastic advertisers’ advertising on our awesome posters and screens. Ok, well they probably went to watch a game of football instead, but they still would have seen our advertisers’ advertising.

Why such a big number compared to our weekly average of 300k? Well quite a few of our larger Championship clubs had two home games, and while Celtic were away in the league, they had a home tie in the Europe League.

Anyway, it all combined to deliver our biggest set of numbers so far this season.

Top fives venues this week (some clubs would have had two games):
1. Stoke City – 47,751
2. Sheffield United – 47,382
3. Celtic – 47,287
4. West Brom – 45,614
5. Cardiff City – 32,321

Stadia Solutions weekend report 16th September 2018

This week saw the return of the Premier League and Championship after the international break, but mainly thanks to Southampton not playing until tonight, we saw a slightly under average total of 173,075 people coming through our turnstiles.

But that’s still pretty big when you think about how else you can buy a similar sized audience (with the engagement we have), and more importantly how much more expensive it is to buy that audience. And is that other audience as targeted as ours with as little wastage?

Anyway, here is our top five for the week of 9th to 16th September 2018…

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Wolves – 30,406
2. Norwich City – 24,462
3. Watford – 20,537
4. Blackburn Rovers – 15,82
5. Bolton Wanderers – 13,581

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.

Stadia Solutions weekend report 9th September 2018

A relatively quiet week for our clubs this week, what with the international break and all that, but we still delivered a great triple-figure audience across the twelve clubs that played at home outside of the top two tiers. A very respectable 113,999 to be precise:

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Sunderland – 37,011*
2. Portsmouth – 19,645
3. Charlton Athletic – 11,591
4. Barnsley – 11,468
5. Wigan Warriors – 9,559 (Rugby League)

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.

Stadia Solutions weekend report 2nd September 2018


For the first time this season we cleared 400k fans. In fact exactly 437,961 people came through our stadia turnstiles over the past week to deliver an advertising audience the equivalent of the entire city of Stoke or Leicester.

Actually when you put it like that, our average of 340k isn’t too bad at the equivalent of a Bradford.

Can where you’re spending your advertising cash right now be so confident about its audience numbers?

Anyway, this week saw GW4 of the EPL and EFL clubs in both league and league cup action. It also saw the Old Firm derby at Celtic (along with a Europa Cup tie there and at Burnley).

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Celtic – 103,504*
2. Cardiff – 39,269*
3. Burnley – 36,759*
4. Sunderland – 32,193
5. Sheffield United – 26,030*

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.

Stadia Solutions weekend report 26th August 2018

Absolute scenes!!

Well not really, but we did have a very good week in terms of numbers, over delivering some 50k against what we expected.

This week saw GW3 of the EPL and (again) many EFL clubs in both league and league cup action.

All in all we delivered a stunning 375,969 people across the week. A superb set of numbers that make for very good reading if you were advertising at one of our clubs this week, as you got all those extra eyes for free!!

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Celtic – 56,044
2. Norwich – 50,880*
3. Stoke City – 46,469*
4. Wolves – 31,322
5. Southampton – 29,925

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.

Stadia Solutions weekend report 19th August 2018

This week saw GW2 of the EPL and many EFL clubs in both league and league cup action.

Add Burnley’s home tie in the Europa League and we ended up with a whopping 305,670 fans seeing our ad’s this week.

Don’t forget, advertisers only get charged for league games so all these extra cup ties get added free of change.

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Sunderland – 43,766
2. Burnley – 35,405
3. West Brom – 33,157
4. Cardiff City- 30,720
5. Sheffield United – 30,177

If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.

Stadia Solutions weekend report 13th August 2018

This week GW2 of the EPL & SPL and the start of the EPL season. And a fantastic cumulative footfall of very nearly 290,000 fans across the 16 of our clubs in action in the last week. A fantastic performance giving advertisers the chance to take advantage of the increased numbers and optimism at the start of every season.

In total we achieved average attendance of over 18,000 per match, performing right on our expectations for the week.

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Celtic – 53,370
2. Wolves – 31,231
3. Southampton – 30,784
4. QPR – 25,339
5. Norwich – 25,144

So you think DOOH is new?

Did you know that Digital Out Of Home has been around for over a hundred years? OK, so it’s not really what we would call Digital Out Of Home/DOOH today, using light bulbs instead of diodes, but really it follows the same principle of using lights to advertise something, it’s just that the lights are a bit smaller today.

Oh, who am I kidding, it’s just a way to showcase a really good episode of a great Podcast called the Memory Palace which has a tenuous link to what we do here at Stadia Solutions; have a read/listen here:

Stadia Solutions weekend report 6th August 2018

This week sees the start of the EFL and SPL seasons and the last pre-season friendlies from our Premier League clubs, and it delivered a great start to the season for our advertisers across the 22 of our clubs that were in action.

In total we had 322,702 fans come through our collective turnstiles this week, which is a very strong weekend for us, but the best bit was that over 75,000 of these fans were at friendlies at five of our EPL clubs (Crystal Palace, Cardiff City, Southampton, Watford and Wolves, and one Europe League match (Aberdeen at Burnley).

Why is this the best bit for our season-long advertisers? Because they didn’t pay for it. Because we cannot guarantee how many there will be we never charge season-long advertisers for cup games and friendlies, so yes it’s a great start to the season for our customers at those grounds.

In total we achieved average attendance of nearly 15,000 per match.

Next weekend sees the start of the EPL so expect these numbers to go even higher.

Our match of the week: It has to be Burnley’s progression to the Europa League play-off round thanks to them getting past Aberdeen.

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Celtic v. Livingstone (58,778)
2. Sunderland v. Charlton (31,079)
3. West Brom v. Bolton (25,901)
4. Sheffield United v. Swansea (24,654)
5. Wolves v. Villareal (19,062)

Holy smokes! Smoking-related advertising opportunities at the football?

If you smoke, or used to smoke, you’ll know sometimes it is difficult going to live events where you aren’t allowed to have a puff.

And it’s no different at the football.

You’re forced to go without a ciggie for three to four hours while you enjoy the game, have a couple of beers and get some grub, because the vast majority of professional grounds in the UK don’t allow smoking one you get through the turnstiles.

At Stadia Solutions we like to look at the angles and unearth advertising opportunities that others may miss. And we think we’ve come up with a pretty good one…

If you’re a brand, product or service aimed at smokers or vapers, you’re probably after an audience more likely to smoke than the national average.

And what about if you could advertise to them when they cannot smoke?

Even better, what if they had their mobile phone on them which enables them to buy what you’re selling there and then or sign up to your stop-smoking campaign?

Well, that’s the football audience, their mindset and our environment isn’t it:

– Football fans are more likely to smoke than the national average

– None of our stadia allow smoking past the turnstiles

– All of our stadia have 3G/4G/WiFi coverage

You can choose whether to use our TV screens (perfect for running TV or Youtube ad content), washrooms posters (for one-on-one engagement) or concourse six sheet posters (great for social engagement as groups of fans gather before and after the game, as well as at half-time).

These alone must make us one of the best choices in Out Of Home (OOH) for vaping or smoking-related advertising.

But we can go even further than that:

If you’re a vaping advertiser, some of our 40+ clubs will entertain the idea of stocking products so you can turn your campaign in to the ultimate Direct Response campaign as the audience can buy and use products there and then.

One club has said they would even consider a branded vaping area on each concourse.

Some will let us provide branded ashtrays and brand up existing smoking areas to enable the most targeted smoking audience possible.

If nothing else, advertising at football clubs if a simple way to get smoking-related advertising in front of people who are more likely to smoke than the national average.

Add in everything else to do with the physical environment and the mindset of the smokers when they see our ad sites, and you could say our offering is, well, ‘smoking’… And you certainly won’t be the ‘butt’ of any advertising jokes… One could you say you will ‘light up’ your market share… Ok, I’ll stop.

If you would like to talk to us about our stadia matchday advertising opportunities, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the sales team on 020 7100 4545 or email

Focus on: Burnley Football Club & Turf Moor

Finishing the 2017/2018 season in 7th place meant Burnley was our highest finishing English club last season. But we don't think that was what motivated them to do so well last term, it more likely to be the resulting qualification for the UEFA Europa League competition that such a league finish results in.

And that means this season we will be seeing European football at Turf Moor, starting with - and hopefully not ending with - a second leg home tie in the qualifying round with Aberdeen.

And remember, this and any other cup fixtures are included for free when you book a season-long campaign; we only charge for home league fixtures.

At the Turf Moor we've got a selection of over 100 OOH advertising poster frames, and here are some photos of some of them:

Last year on the way to their 7th place EPL finish, an average home league attendance of 20,688. The highest attended game in the season was when Manchester United visited resulting in a crowd of 21,841.

Cup-wise the season provided an extra fixture for advertisers through the home tie in the Carabao Cup against Leeds United. The other cup games were all away from home.

Stadia Solutions provides an affordable way for businesses around Burnley to reach potential local customers. Our packages also provide a way for any business to show support for the Clarets, and take advantage of the positive association advertising to fans at their ground brings. But if nothing else we are one of the most efficient ways to advertise to over and advertise to over 400,000 people across the 2018/2019 season.

Advertising on Turf Moor’s concourse and washroom posters is a unique opportunity to get your business in front of a passionate audience and be associated with a club that really seems to be going places.

For more info and specs CLICK HERE.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of your company advertising on either our A3 posters in washrooms or larger concourse six sheet posters Burnley FC's Turf Moor (or any of our other grounds), please drop us a line on or call 020 7100 4545.

Focus on: Notts County

Notts County Football Club, or the Magpies, founded in 1862, is the oldest professional football club in the world. It currently competes in League Two but its rich history includes periods of success (such as an FA Cup victory) and struggle (several financial crises) across all four divisions of English professional football.

Notts County’s home is Meadow Lane where they first started playing in 1910 and have remained there since. They traditionally play in black and white striped shirts and lent their colours to Juventus in 1903.

The average attendance in the 2017/2018 season was 7,911 per match. The club has also a very large overseas following, with one of the highest number of overseas fans in the Football League - mostly from Italy and Hungary!

Stadia Solutions - The official concourse advertising partner of Notts County FC - provides an affordable way for businesses to reach new customers. Our packages provide a way for any business to show support for the Pies, and advertise to over 230,000 potential customers across the season.

Advertising at Meadow Lane’s posters and FanTV is a unique opportunity to get your business in front of a passionate audience and be associated with the traditional club.

For more info and specs CLICK HERE.


If you would like to discuss the possibility of your company advertising on either our A3 posters in washrooms, larger concourse six sheet posters or our concourse TV systems at Notts County or one of our other grounds, please drop us a line on or call 020 7100 4545.

Root for your roots – a great idea

It’s quite rare that a marketing idea stops me in my tracks and makes me say ‘wow’. That’s not because I don’t like ideas, I think it’s more because there are too many, well, crap ideas out there that they all tend to merge in to one giant crappy idea ball.

I could go on for ages about what makes a good marketing idea, but I won’t, and instead will just tell you the problem and the solution the idea delivered.

The Background: Fox Sports in the USA paid $400m for the US broadcast rights for the 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cups.

The Problem: The USA team fell at the last hurdle in qualifying and didn’t make it to the 2018 tournament going on at the moment in Russia. The real problem for Fox being that the domestic TV audience was likely to be way down on the forecasts when they bid for the rights.

The Question: How could they fill some or all of this likely drop in audience?

The Solution: Work with a DNA analysis company (23andme) to let people look at their ancestry composition and work out a substitute team to support on Fox Sports during the tournament. You can read more about the idea here.

Is it going to make up for the millions of bucks lost? Of course not. But is it a great idea? I think so.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve got English, German and Polish DNA so I should have a pretty good World Cup even if the Big Red Machine doesn’t keep banging in the goals for us. COME ON ENGLAND!!!