Concourse six sheet posters

Over 1,000 poster sites in the main communal areas of more than 40 stadia across the UK

  • The largest format advertising available around our 40+ stadia concourses
  • Approximately 6ft tall and 4ft wide - huge square footage!
  • In less well-lit areas the posters are back-lit for added stand-out effect
Big numbers
  • Posters placed in high traffic areas where clubs want fans to congregate
  • Each poster seen by thousands of fans each matchday
  • Reduces cost per thousands/increases efficiency
  • Fans see these posters with mobile phones on them
  • They are able to action your message there and then
  • Like in washrooms, some will even take a photo of the advertisement to action later
Social/group setting
  • Create instant word of mouth from fans discussing the advertising they see as a group
  • Get these groups of fans talking about what you do and offer - get them to amplify your message
Low cost
  • Whether buying individual clubs or packs nationwide, concourse six sheets are very cost efficient
  • There are not many other media types able to offer such 'bang for your buck'
Feel-good factor
  • Fans tend to like brands who advertise at their ground more than those that do not; you're supporting their team!
  • A very low cost way to supporting a club commercially and reaping the benefits


To find out more about advertising nationally please call 020 7100 4545 or email

If you would like to advertise at individual clubs please email

See where we have six sheet concourse posters on our map below: