About Us


We're the Stadia Solutions Advertising Sales Team, and we're here to get your advertising campaigns in front of the people you want, at the time you want. If you've bought a campaign from us and we don't do that, then we've failed. We don't like to fail so we just don't

Our in-house sales team based in Hatfield & London are the people to talk to if you're thinking about advertising at one or more of our 35+ football clubs.

If you're looking for national campaigns then please call one of the team on 020 7100 4545 or email info@stadiasolutions.com

If you are a local advertiser, perhaps looking at advertising at less than five of our clubs, please call James Holloway on 01702 419217 or email james.holloway@stadiasolutions.com

We also work with GPM360 on our in-stadia TV advertising - they specialise in TV media sales and sponsorship on screens located both in and out of the home, such as our in-stadia media. GPM360 work with agencies and clients to understand their brand objectives to ensure the message on screen is optimised for both the brand and their screen client partners. Click here for more info


Drop us a line to see how we can work together:

+44 (0)20 7100 4545

19-25 Salisbury Square, Old Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL9 5BT