A3 washrooms posters

Over 3,500 poster panels in gents washrooms in more than 40 stadia across the UK

High dwell time
  • 40+ seconds dwell time means time to take in your message
  • No other messages to think about while looking at your advertisement
  • Useful to get across more detail to your campaign
100% male targeting
  • 100% male gender targeting means zero wastage
  • Gives you a chance to tailor your message as you know setting
  • Reduces your costs by not delivering people outside of your target audience
  • Nearly all fans will take their phones in to the toilet with them, they can action your message or set a reminder to
  • Some will even take a photo of the advertisement to make a note of contact details & offer codes etc.
Personal environment
  • A uniquely personal advertising environment
  • A captive audience means greater ad recall
  • Nearly all fans use the washrooms on matchday
  • Simply no way to avoid this form of advertising
  • Uncluttered advertising environment
  • People tend to remember what they see on washroom posters
  • 100% share of voice at any one time - no sharing or competing for views
Low cost
  • Whether buying individual clubs or packs nationwide, washrooms panels are a very cost efficient option
  • Add in the targeted nature of the audience and it gets even better
  • Target different grounds, or different areas within the same ground, with different poster designs
  • Use the different contextual settings of each washroom
Feel-good factor
  • Fans tend to like brands who advertise at their ground more than those that do not; you're supporting their team!
  • A very low cost 'in' to supporting a club commercially


To find out more about advertising nationally please call 020 7100 4545 or email info@stadiasolutions.com

If you would like to advertise at individual clubs please email sport@stadiasolutions.com

See where we have A3 washroom panels on our map below: